Quick update on my Mum.


My Mum had her operation yesterday morning,she has keyhole surgery to remove her Gaul bladder,she had been waiting for nearly a year and it had already been cancelled in November last year,she had been very ill over Christmas and found out she had pleurisy and it was touch and go if she would be fit enough for her operation,it was decided the op would go ahead.

After the op she had breathing difficulties and was put on oxygen and  her blood pressure shot up,she was on a drip and had a drain put in and taken to a ward,there was no way she could come home,some people who have keyhole surgery early in the day can go home if they are well.

We,my Dad,my Sister and myself went to see her last night and she looked really tired and weak but was in good spirits and said she wanted to come home tomorrow,the nurse told her that the doctor would see her in the morning (today) and hopefully she would go home.She was sore but that was to be expected.

My dear Mum had always worked and been such an independent woman,she has always been active and now she has epilepsy,had two strokes,had rheumatoid arthritis,osteoporosis ,curvature of the spine and bowel problems,she takes so much medication and some days can hardly walk but she braves it all and gets on with it.She hardly ever complains and she hates not being able to do things for herself,she is 75. My darling Dad does all of the housework and helps my Mum where he can,some days has to help her get out of bed.It is hard for him to see my Mum like this.On good days she is up and out and she takes advantage of pain free days,they take mini breaks and enjoy their breaks away,they deserve it they have both worked so hard all their lives.

I hope my Mum can come home today,she will recover a lot better in her own home.

Dawn x


5 thoughts on “Quick update on my Mum.

  1. Wishing your mum a speedy recovery Dawn. My mum is 86 and there has been talk that she may go through something similar. I hope it doesn’t come to it. Hope you’re okay too.

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