This week.


My plans for the week, apart from trying to keep warm as it is freezing cold here and have very frosty mornings.

Monday – At home,waiting to hear how my Mum’s operation went and when we are able to see her,if she has keyhole surgery she may be able to come home today but it is a possibility she may have to stay in,she has been waiting nearly a year for this and had been cancelled once,she then had pluracy so we were not sure she would be fit but thank goodness she is well enough.  To keep my mind off it I am cleaning and cooking something from my Hairy Dieters (UK TV Chefs) recipe book. Looking forward to watching the next episode of Broadchurch, I am loving this second series. Pilates session too.

Tuesday – I have my Grandchildren after school for an hour and a half three or four afternoons a week as their Mum works she is a carer in the community and a student, I have them until my Son finishes work. I am also going on a girlie catch up at a friends house as her partner is working away so four of us are going for the evening,I am looking forward to it,we always have a good time.Whilst I am out John is bathing Alfie ( My dog) he is due a bath he is getting a bit pongy,we have to get him in the groomers soon,I don’t like cutting him in the winter but he has long hair and it has grown quite a lot so needs a hair cut,he has a really warm coat to compensate for having his hair cut,he loves a bath and when he sees his towels he spins with excitement.I try to keep him tidy but his groomer really does a great job and he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Wednesday – Oh dear,the dreaded weigh in…not been for quite a while but have to get this weight off. I have the Grandchildren again and then its cooking,maybe a walk or pilates …go me !

Thursday – Housework,babysitting and cooking,do my weekly meal plan and shopping list and more exercise.

Friday – My weekly lunch date with my friend,we have a catch up and try to find a new place to go each week,it doesn’t always go well even though we always try to get reviews.I am a voucher/discount expert and sometimes manage to get money off vouchers for the places we visit,I love getting bargains.Babysitting late afternoon and then the food shop.

Saturday – Up early ,breakfast out and have an early appointment,no plans for the afternoon so will just go with the flow.The evening will be spent watching a movie and drinking some nice red wine,my friend gave me some lovely wine for Christmas and have been waiting to try it.

Sunday – Cook,clean,ironing and visit my Parents ,catch up on e mails,read some blogs and fit in some pilates or go for a walk.


Dawn x




4 thoughts on “This week.

  1. Its absolutely freezing here too. Just doing some ironing work as normal, and trying to get back into card making a bit to sell for Rescue Remedies dog rescue. I have run out of jewellery supplies so decided I need to use up some card stuff! Got a quote for the broken fence today – so will get that repaired soon. Need to phone up tomorrow or Weds and book my yearly mammogram. It’s my 5th year. Wednesday evening is overtime ironing. Thursday night Davids eldest is coming to stay for one night as she is doing a short course in Richmond up the road (she lives in Derby). Saturday I am dog sitting as my youngest is going on a training day at Battersea Dogs Home to be a volunteer. Sunday we are going out somewhere – don’t know where yet – depends on the weather – if its foul will just go to Woking for coffee and lunch!


  2. I’m off to London for a couple of days tomorrow with my Mum – looking forward to some shopping (mostly of the window variety, I expect!). Have a good week, Dawn – hope your Mum is OK x

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    • Dawn Hall

      Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to seeing your goodies. I have Tivo now and it has you tube in so have been re watching your v logs on my TV 🙂


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