Friday five


Things that I am happy about this week.
1.My Mum has finally got a new date for her long awaited op she has been waiting a year and had it cancelled. She had her MRI yesterday and her op is Monday.
2.After not being able to afford a holiday since John lost his business we have booked a lovely holiday for later on this year. The Mare Nostrum resort Tenerife. We stayed there some time ago. I loved it.
3. I got Tivo. At last! Got a good deal from Virgin after saying I was leaving after many many years of being a customer. Virgin give new customer’s great deals and their old loyal customer’s don’t get such offers.
4. Finding a poem my Grandaughter wrote for me a couple of years ago. She was 6 When she wrote it. It goes like this. “My Nanny is like the sunshine,she warms my heart every day” was in a card she gave me. How lovely.
5. Going to lunch with my oldest friend today,we spend the day together and we never stop talking or laughing. We do this every week and have done for over ten years. We met at secondary(high) school When we were eleven.
What has made you happy this week?
Dawn x


2 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. Hello Dawn
    Fabulous news for your Mum – fingers crossed nothing happens in the next few days and they cancel again
    Fabulous news on your holiday on the sun – did you know Mare Nostrum was a very old name for the Mediterranean. fingers crossed the sun shines evry day you are there
    have to think about this weeks happiness tho – sounds awful but nothing extraordinary jumps out at me right this minute. Everything has been good this week 🙂

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    • Dawn Hall

      Cathy I didn’t know that. I am definitely going ti research that. The Island we are going is one of the Canary Islands. I can honestly say the past five years have been more bad than good but I believe things happen for a reason and I have learned a lot if lessons! x positive thinking and here is to more happy times. 🙂


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