Cooking in 2015


images I love to cook but I am guilty of being in a cooking rut,I shop once a week for the main shop and then again in the week for fresh items and I meal plan too,looking at the last few months meal plan(excluding Christmas week) I find I am cooking a lot of the same meals every month,I have a mountain of recipe books which I am ashamed to say sit unused on my kitchen book shelves, from time to time I will get a few out and flick through them for inspiration but do make the best use of them,I watch cooking shows on TV and I like lots of different cooking styles.I love Nigel Slater,who in my opinion is a great author as well as a cook and comes from my neck of the woods.I like his relaxed approach to cooking,no fancy cooking just every day ingredients,I love his Simple suppers TV show. I don’t like watching Gordon Ramsay in a professional kitchen but love his cooking shows from his home with his family. I got his Ultimate Home Cooking book for Christmas.

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So this year I am getting out of the cooking rut and am aiming to cook 2 new recipes every month and eventually my aim is to cook a new dish every week,I want to try new ingredients too.I can cook and (blowing my own trumpet) I think and have been told I can cook well. I am guilty of taking photo’s of meals I cook and when I am out,some I post,some sit in my album not used but I will be posting my new recipe photo’s even if they don’t turn out exactly how they should,which is quite possible.

So what do you like to cook and how do you choose what you are cooking for the week?

Dawn x


3 thoughts on “Cooking in 2015

  1. I love to cook things that have a wonderful taste that belies their ease! 🙂 I realized tonight that our freezer is getting pretty empty. Don’t have too many meals left that I prepared for slow cooker before our kitchen was deconstructed. It sure was lovely to always have something ready to take out and pop in the slow cooker! Counter top is being installed this week, so won’t be long till kitchen is up and running again.

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  2. I too have a pile of recipe books unused. I find that I use the internet more for recipes these days, but I did get Jamie’s Comfort Food for Christmas and it’s absolutely full of recipes I want to try. x

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