Plans to bring in the new year…or not


It has been over 30 years since I have been out to celebrate at a New Year’s Eve party, when the boys were growing up we had a party here every year, it was easier for us because we didn’t have to try to find a trusted babysitter, we didn’t want to burden our parents and I enjoyed being the hostess. We invited family and friends and we all had a great time.When the boys left home we still stayed in on New Year’s Eve and just drank,ate party food and watched whatever rubbish was on TV,Is it just me or is the UK Christmas TV schedule utter bloody rubbish? on a few occasions I remember having to wake John up to say Happy New Year !

So what have we got planned for this New Years Eve?, food..Curry cooked by me with a little help from Lloyd Grossman,simply because we have had enough of canape’s and junk food, Prosecco,John a beer of some sort, I will only have a couple of glasses as we have a little guest for the evening,we are babysitting Myah our 2 year old Grandaughter, I say we but that should be I am, John will sleep on the sofa and Myah will sleep with me, I will watch TV in bed with her until she or both of us fall asleep,she is not good at staying out and is quite clingy with her Mum and Dad so she may end up going home in the early hours of the morning when her parents and siblings come back from a party, I hope she does settle it is horrible to hear her crying for her Mummy or Daddy.Not very thrilling is it?Our new year will creep in rather than be brought in with a party this year.I might get to see Big Ben and hear the chimes if I can stay awake!

What are your plans? Whatever you are doing enjoy the evening.

Dawn x





4 thoughts on “Plans to bring in the new year…or not

  1. Happy New Year, Dawn! Our evening will be spent in much the same way as yours, minus the little one. Hubby’s choice as it’s his 50th birthday and he doesn’t want to do anything at all, for some reason. I’m not bothered about going out as I always think New Year’s Eve is a funny sort of night – all that enforced jollity does my head in!


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever gone out for New Year, much prefer getting a good nights sleep and starting the new year feeling fresh. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015! xx


    • Dawn Hall

      Myah was fine. She fell asleep but when I took her to bed and she woke up and we watched the fireworks on the Thames in TV and she went back to sleep. She was very good.


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