Nearly December and Christmas is coming!


It is the first Sunday of Advent. I can’t quite believe it will be December tomorrow. I have an advent for Alfie with little bone shaped biscuits.Every year I say I am getting myself an advent calender but I never do.The end of another year is almost here. 2014 has not been too kind so I am hoping 2015 will be a wee bit nicer to me.
Today my family are going out with my Mum and Dad for a late lunch to celebrate my Mum’s 75th Birthday which was on Monday. I woke up really early,I never sleep for more than a few hours at a time now. I like waking early and sitting with my first cup of coffee of the day in total peace gathering my thoughts and planning my day. Alfie my cavalier spaniel comes down for breakfast and to out into the garden.
Lots of people have already put up their tree and decorations I saw some early in November which personally I think is far too early. I am putting my tree up on Saturday the 6 th December,on the Saturday morning I am taking my Grandaughter Millie.along to our F.R.I.E.N.D.S ( the downs support group I helped to start)  Christmas breakfast with Santa at the Garden centre at Albrighton which is becoming a regular venue for the kids to play whilst the parents have coffee or lunch. The kids see Santa,get a gift,have breakfast and decorate gingerbread men and afterwards get to burn of some energy in the little soft play area. When I come home I will put up my tree and decorations up.I have always loved Christmas and the build up and events. John doesn’t like it much but I usually have lots going on with school and the group and Grandchildren. I do the presents,the wrapping,the food etc well all of it actually. I love doing it all. The kids love coming for hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and chocolate sauce. They help make gingerbread men and try to persuade me to let them have the candy canes from my tree. I love school plays and Christmas events, I always get a tear in my eyes seeing the little ones dressed as angels.I go to a church service with my friend Karen’s and also a carol concert. In my teens my friends, boyfriend and I would go to the pub and then to. midnight mass on Christmas Eve I loved it. My parents are coming this year for lunch as they did last year. My Mum has been really ill this year and is waiting for an operation,she had been waiting eight months and was.due to have it on her Birthday but it got cancelled so we had a last minute dash to get some sort of celebration planned. I am off now for breakfast,a bacon sandwich and more coffee. Have a great Sunday.
Dawn x.


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