Friday five


I have been feeling rough this week.I have a cough,cold and a kidney infection and haven’t left the house at all but this is five things I have been up to.
1. I found this beautiful lantern on I love it and need this beauty in my life.


2. Burned my Yankee candle soft cotton right to the bottom of the jar.


3. Had some cuddles from my fur baby Alfie.


4. I have been persevering with my nail treatment and they are starting to grow and they are a bit stronger.


5. Snuggling under my blanket watching Christmas or tacky feel good movies on movies 24


What have you been up to?
Dawn x


2 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. Three trips to the doctor’s this week for me. ugh. Nothing dangerous, they just wanted to frequently follow up on a painful recurring issue that pops up now and then. Late nights lately finishing costumes for the grandkids. Lots and LOTS to do tomorrow, so need to head off to catch up on some sleep.


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