Weekends in the 60’s (showing my age)


Every aspect of our lives have changed with the times,I was born in the 60’s and this post is me reminiscing about my weekends as a child of about eight or nine. There was no Sunday trading but I can remember a little shop near to us open all the time, all the food shopping was done during the week or on a Saturday which was either going on a shopping trip to town with my parents and Sister and we would go and buy warm peanuts or cashew’s and pick and mix sweets from Woolworth’s my Dad loved nuts, or as a treat my Dad would take me to see the latest Disney film at the local cinema,my Sister who is two years younger than me didn’t come because she wouldn’t sit still. When we go back My Dad would watch the wrestling and the football results and check the football pools  to see if he had won,he never did, my Mum would go to work,she worked at the local hospital in the kitchen and serving food on wards and clearing up after the meals were finished, from 5pm until 9pm every day including weekends and I think she had an evening off during the week or alternate Sundays off. My Dad who was a welder, would make us tea. We would then either watch tv,play cards or Monopoly our favourite game then.We would go to bed before my Mum got in and sometimes we would be allowed to stay up until she came home.

Sunday mornings we would wake up to the smell of bacon cooking,we always had a cooked breakfast made by Mum (really early she didn’t do lie -in’s),after breakfast Mum and Dad would be busy in the kitchen and garden and My Sister and I would get ready to go to Sunday school, we would be given money for the collection and off we went,we walked to church on our own ans met friends there. We would go home and our Sunday lunch would be waiting, we would always have a hot pudding too,My Dad would wash up and my Sister and I would get on with any school projects or reading we had to do,sometimes we were allowed out for an hour on our bikes or if my Mum wasn’t at work we would go and visit our Grandparents. We would come home and have sandwiches,cake and triffle ,sometimes my cousins who lived nearby would come for tea and when they left we would  have a bath and have our hair washed ready for school. Once bathed we would have hot cocoa and toast and watch TV,Top Of The Pop’s was on and we would wait to see who was number one that week, I would practice the recorder as I used to play and I was in the school choir ,Mum would do the ironing if she wasn’t at work and then we would go off to bed ready for school the next day.

Such a simple life but it was our happy life. My parents always worked hard for us they are now both retired my Mum eventually left the hospital after around twenty years and worked in an office until her retirement,My Dad was in the army serving in Cyprus and when he came out he got a job as a welder and did that all of his working life,he misses going to work but busies himself in the garden my Mum still doesn’t do lie in’s.


Dawn x




One thought on “Weekends in the 60’s (showing my age)

  1. Sounds so lovely, kids these days will never know the joy of a proper weekend. Even when I was a little un in the 90’s they were a lot more laid back and relaxing than they are these days! x

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