The humble spud


Food again, I love potatoes and couldn’t give them up for love nor money. There is nothing more comforting than a creamy plate of mash but you can do so much more with the humble spud and I could eat it every day, I don’t but I could.Here are my favourite ways with potatoes.

I love cheesy mash with sausage and baked beans,easy and so tasty.I also love wholegrain mustard mash with chicken or a pork chop.



Cheesy mash                                                                Wholegrain mustard mash

I like wedges cooked with the skin on to eat as part of a meal or as a snack with dips,easy and quick




Two of my all time favourites are roast potatoes and dauphinoise potatoes, they are just scrummy.

Roast-potatoes-002 images

Roast potatoes (in duck fat are the best)           Creamy layered potatoes mmmmm

I have made quite a few hassleback potatoes they are really easy but look so effective, I serve them with steak or lamb chops and of course loaded baked potatoes, mine get loaded with bacon,spring onion and cheese.

hasselback_close_580  baked potato 4

Hassleback potatoes                                                        Loaded baked potatoes

What are your favourite ways with potatoes?

Dawn x




One thought on “The humble spud

  1. Mmmm, mash is my ultimate comfort food. I made hasselback potatoes for the first time a couple of weeks ago, but we weren’t impressed, I found that this way of cooking seemed to dry out the potatoes and despite cooking fairly small potatoes for over an hour, they came out hard, presumably due to all the liquid having been cooked away. Give me an oven baked spud with a crunchy outside and lovely soft inside in preference to that, any day!


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