Friday Five…favourite snacks


Food again,surprise surprise! Here are my five favourite snacks,some are low-fat some aren’t but all are my yummy go to nibbles.

1. Popcorn,salty or sweet?, I love both,air popped corn is low-fat and you can get some powdered flavours that have no or very little fat,I pop the corn and sometimes sprinkle a little icing sugar on for a sweet treat,for a savoury kick sprinkle freshly popped warm corn with a little smoked paprika or sour cream and chive flavour powder (the stuff you can put onto wedges or meat rubs etc) or barbecue flavour powder.Popping corn is so cheap and I am astonished how much cinemas charge for it ! I buy a bag of corn for around 89p and get bucket loads.



2. Olives, I love a glass of red wine and love to have a little bowl of stuffed olives to go with it,yummy and good for you.



3. Apple and peanut butter, I slice apples and spread with one of my favourite foods, peanut butter.When I need my peanut butter fix this does the trick.

download (1)


4. Chocolate covered pretzels, I love salty and sweet together so I buy a bag of salted pretzels and dip them into chocolate,they can be sprinkled with anything that takes your fancy. These are yummy and bagged up they make great little gifts.

images (1)


5. Humus,I love the stuff and I have made my own but I like the flavoured ones that I get from the supermarket,caramelised onion ,red pepper or lemon and coriander,I have it with bread sticks or celery sticks and carrot batons .



What snacks do you like?

Dawn x


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