Perfect breakfast


The weather is horrible,cold and windy and this morning I wanted something scrummy and filling for breakfast. I had a punnet of plums that are still rock hard after a week of buying them and showing no sign of softening anytime soon so I decided to make french toasts and baked plums.
I halved and stoned a few plums and put them in a baking dish and sprinkled them with sugar and baked them on 200 for 15 mins whilst they were baking I soaked my bread in my egg mixture,2 eggs, a little milk,a teaspoon of vanilla extract and half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon whisked together. I took the plums out to cool a little and then I then melted a little butter and fried my egg bread.
Plated up with the plums and it was delicious. It was such a treat.


What did you have for your breakfast?  Dawn x


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