The seasonal pantry


Today here in the West Midlands in the UK it raining and very windy,it is a very chilly.

I love the Summer and eating fresh tasty salads , fresh fruit and seasonal meats and vegetables that are grown here,and I love making the most of the time we have to eat outdoors. Autumn is here with a vengeance this morning and I am thinking about the cold days and nights to come and what we are going to be eating.

Porridge with various toppings served piping hot for breakfast is like getting a hug on the inside, it is tasty and filling and keeps me going all morning.

I love to eat warm couscous salads for lunch or a big bowl of steaming home made soup or a loaded baked potato.I make a good butter nut squash soup and a really tasty leek and potato soup too so I have been told.I love toasties or panini’s served with a bowl of soup is a filling lunch.

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I love the smells coming from my kitchen when cooking filling casseroles ,stew’s or tagine’s for dinner.Comfort food is what we need when the weather is not so nice and the nights are drawing in. I will be stocking up on more dried herbs and spices to add a little extra something to meals, I also love the Knorr range of stock pots and herb infusions and you can add them to stews and casseroles and soups,the herb infusions are great with fish and so easy,just take a piece of fish top with the contents of the pot and wrap in foil and bake in the oven for a really tasty meal.I haven’t tried the new flavour pots yet but will be soon as I am adding some to my shopping list.

download (6) download (8)1777-392265-knorr_herb_infusion_pot_x4

I love lamb hot pot with that crispy layer of potatoes on top or a sausage and bean cassulet,a good beef stew,I make good use of beans and pulses in soups and stews. I love butter bean and garlic mash with a steak,so quick and easy if you are short of time or fancy a change, butter nut squash is one of my favourite Autumn and Winter staples as it is so cheap and versatile , I make soups,roast it with garlic and herbs,mash it and even make it into fries. You can keep the seeds and roast them too but I have yet to try doing that. I have a thing for pomegranate seeds,lazy I know but I buy them ready to eat from a tub in the supermarket, you can sprinkle them on a lamb tagine or a couscous dish or simply eat them from the tub and you can get them all year round but I remember as a child my Mum bringing them home from the market in the Autumn,cutting them in half and giving us a large needle to pick out the seeds!

download (1) download download (3) download (5) images (2)

download (4) download (2)

John loves apple pie and custard that it is his go to dessert when he needs comfort food, I am afraid I am not good at pastry and I buy mine ready made. I love ready made puff pastry, I like to make a comforting,filling rustic looking chicken pot pie,it is Nigella Lawson recipe and it is really tasty. I also make apple and blackberry puffs,like an apple turnover but without the cream inside,served hot with cream or custard,it is fruit ,sweet puff pastry and custard so you are onto a winner every time!

I am re-organising my cupboards this week and am looking forward to stocking up on some winter warmers. I would love a huge walk in pantry,sadly in this country we don’t often have the luxury of a pantry in modern homes.If I could design a home  I would definitely include a pantry in my plans, I have been coveting quite a few over on Pinterest, one can dream. If you haven’t found Pinterest you haven’t lived,go on go over to the dark side, I call it that because it draws you in and you are hooked ! I love the fact that it is like having every magazine article you have ever needed but without having cuttings all over the place and it is free. So grab a cuppa and get yourselves over there,you have been warned!

61068ee9823b10a1aed6880f18eba970  laundry-room-pantry-makeover-before-after-photos-06 Wow amazing !

x Dawn
















4 thoughts on “The seasonal pantry

  1. I love the thought of soup and casserole weather! We don’t exactly have it yet…still sunny and warm, but not the overwhelming heat of late summer thank goodness. I have a small pantry, but not a walk in. We are actually about to start a kitchen remodel, so I’m adding a ‘pantry’ cabinet for even more storage in the place of a desk space we have now. I will blog about the plans soon.


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