My Advent


This post is for my Christmas prep category,sorry if you are not thinking about or do not like or think it is too early to think about Christmas.

I am determined to be organised as usual and love Christmas prep. Today I have been thinking about my advent,when my Grandaughter lived with us I went to town on Christmas fun,I always do fun stuff but Emily was just 4 and was delighted when Jingles our little Elf appeared with a letter from Santa,Jingles the Elf got up to all sorts of tricks and left little Christmas goodies and to do’s for us. I also filled the little Advent boxes with Christmassy things to do every day,make hot chocolate,decorate Christmas cookies,Make cards,Watch a Christmas movie etc.

Now there is just John and I (and a dog) I still carry on traditions and when the Grandchildren come over I always make sure there is fun stuff to do in the run up to Christmas. I still use the advent and out kids stuff to do in the boxes when I know I am having the kids but when it just John and I the advent is still opened and I am looking for ideas of stuff to do for just the 2 of us.For years we have a tradition,when we are putting up the tree and decorations I always play National Lampoons Christmas vacation on DVD,we will go to a Christmas market,see a Christmas movie go late night shopping and stop off for a Gingerbread latte. I also love going to a Christmas church service and carol concert.

When my boys were growing up every Christmas Eve they would have new pyjamas,a Christmas film and hot chocolate before leaving Santa and the reindeer their sherry,mince pies and carrot and then they would go off to bed and be so excited. I still leave the mince pies etc and am thinking of doing a Christmas Eve basket just for us and Alfie the dog. For Alfie a new blanket to put on his bed and a Christmas themed toy. For us a bottle of something fizzy,some chocolates and a Christmas movie and new PJ’s and Christmas socks. Christmas Eve is quite chilled for us as I like to be organised I do all the next days prep in the afternoon and lay the Christmas Table after Christmas Eve’s dinner is tidied away so we can relax in the evening.

I love my little advent boxes and along with Christmas to do’s we get sweets and the kids love opening them.


Do you do have a favourite Advent that you use every year?

Dawn x



3 thoughts on “My Advent

  1. I like to drag my husband to surrounding neighborhoods to look at peoples’ outdoor decorations. Maybe do a Christmas jigsaw puzzle. How about dressing up and taking Christmas selfies? 🙂


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