Friday five…Room 101


This week I have chosen five things I would put in room 101,if you haven’t seen room 101 it is a UK TV programme where celebrities choose a pet hate of theirs in different categories to go into room 101 never to been seen again, here is a clip so you get the idea,sorry if you have seen it already. I love it,it is light hearted and so funny.

So here are the five things I would put into room 101.(hard because there are hundreds of things I would love to put in there)

1. Cold callers, I don’t need cavity wall or loft insulation,I haven’t had an accident in the last ten years and I don’t want to take part in your *^>^*ng consumer survey.


2. Blinging your children,by blinging I mean decorating every inch of your children’s buggy,clothing,shoes and dummy and everything else your child owns in stick on or sew on crystals,it is My Big Fat Gypsy wedding gone a step too far in my opinion.

images (1)

3. Louis Spence,sorry Louis fans but that man drives me nuts,a dance teacher from Pineapple Studio’s who shot to fame thanks to the TV documentary, he appears on panel shows,reality TV and anything he can manage to get onto and always,always ends up high kicking or doing the splits,he is overbearing and he annoys the heck out of me.


4. Bid TV, I love shopping and getting a bargain but come on! the presenters act so surprised when the price of say a handbag drops from 49.99 to 20.99 and says they have never sold this bag for less than 30..then a claxon goes off and the price on the screen drops pound by pound and the presenter is amazed by this even though it has happened with every item he had sold that day ,to wait for it 9.99 and the presenter goes bonkers,the bag is now 9.99 and they only have five ,four,three,two….gone! the bag is 9.99 plus 7.99 p and p and 1.50 or more for the call,and next a wooden carving of a dolphin starting at just 29.99……

images (2)

5. Black pudding,or blood pudding as it is sometimes called,the thought of eating congealed blood with bits of fat set into it turns my stomach,it is all over the TV as it is often served in a slice with scallop placed on top with some sort of dressing….please put it into room 101 yuk


What would you put into room 101?

p00nd2gf x Dawn





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