Chalk paint projects


I have been busy this week painting,distressing and waxing some photo frames,the clock on my mantle and my lamp base.I am creating a photo gallery wall, with photo’s a mirror and an ornamental letter H ( for Hall our Surname) I saw a few ideas on Pinterest that I would love to re-create in my living room/dining room, don’t you just love Pinterest? it is one of my vices, I spend quite a few hours browsing various boards , all in the name of research of course. I am pleased with the results


10363488_10203522212948465_1844055092598545875_n   10384910_10203522212228447_8805316625919316319_n 10647008_10203521858139595_1847808846064476296_n10628562_10203521863219722_4399441218145401001_n


I have also started to paint the coffee table that was rescued from a skip and I have applied two coats of White chalk paint and I will apply one more coat and  distress and wax it, It will look really nice in my living room. My living room needs wallpaper on the feature wall and new curtains and it will be finished.

Here are a few ideas I like for a gallery wall which will be over my sideboard in the dining area of the living room.

0a572587bbebd33a0a0927c5adf1b10e 3de2bda5c3b4c184fc723393b50d45c5 f8408553ea3b25d8bd1f461312a49c7d I can’t wait to create my own Gallery wall

Dawn x


3 thoughts on “Chalk paint projects

  1. Pinterest – great site! A fabulous font of ideas that is certainly a lot cheaper than forking out for all those expensive glossy magazines lol
    Look forward to seeing your wall when it’s finished.


  2. Another Pinterest fan here. I know longer have to tear pages out of magazines (Cathy is right, they are SO expensive) and stash them in a box to never be found till it is outgrown, out of style, or just not what I want anymore. 🙂 You need a ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ button on your sidebar. I’d use it.


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