TV I have enjoyed


I tend to watch TV either late afternoon usually on catch up or with John in the evening, if there is nothing on TV we watch something on Netflix, we have lots of movies and TV shows we want to watch on Netflix and I enjoy watching older movies that I loved the first time around.It is also very handy when the kids are here as there is always something for them to watch, either cartoons,TV shows or a movie although it takes a while for them to decide what to watch.

On TV I have been watching and enjoyed  BBC One’s drama by Kay Mellor called In The Club,the series followed six pregnant women and their partners who met at a parent craft class,one of them is a blogger and writes posts about her pregnancy, Starring Hermione Norris from Cold Feet,Spooks and the brilliant A Mother’s Son. I enjoyed watching this series, there was laughter and tears and a few surprises thrown in for good measure, I hope there will be a second series.


The Great British Bake Off, I have seen every episode of this great show, I am a good cook but not a good baker and am amazed by some of the competitors offerings, I love that each week has a different theme,baking is a challenge at the best of times but having cameras watching your every move and being judges by Mary Berry,the queen of baking and the so called silver fox Paul Hollywood would have me quaking in my slippers. The show has inspired me however to buy Mary Berry’s baking bible in the hope that I can learn to make decent pastry,one thing I have never been able to do. I would love to make macaroons too, I love them but have never thought of baking them myself. Mel and Sue are so funny I love their presenting style.


On Netflix John and I are enjoying watching Luther ,a detective series starring the fantastic Idris Elba as John Luther a London Detective who had his own demons to deal with as well as trying to solve crimes, we never saw it when it was shown on TV. I am loving the  gritty drama and even though some episodes are quite gruesome I  am wanting to watch more, Luther is dealing with a lot of personal issues and is at times very controversial and I am liking the character more and more,we are currently watching series 2 , it is gripping stuff.I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I am.

download (1)

I am quite a fan of Netflix, there are a number of TV series I didn’t watch and now have the chance to watch from the beginning and some American TV that I have yet to watch,some oldies too, I watched When Harry Met Sally one Afternoon last week whilst ironing and am watching The Killing from where I last saw on TV and have just found a complete listing of all films and TV shows currently available that is updated daily on the internet.So as the nights draw in I am looking forward to catching up on some TV and movies, we used to go to the cinema quite a lot but it is quite expensive when you are on a budget, we do have to wait a while but see what we missed on the big screen eventually, I am trying to talk John in to buying a TV with a much bigger screen and moving the one in the lounge to our bedroom and mount it on the wall at the foot of our bed, I love watching TV in bed in the winter and our little 24 inch just doesn’t do the movies justice.

What are you watching?

Dawn x





2 thoughts on “TV I have enjoyed

  1. I loved In The Club – haven’t yet caught up with the last episode, almost don’t want to watch it as it’s a shame it’s ended. Also enjoying old US series of Survivor which I download on the iPad, and can’t wait for Downton Abbey to come back on this weekend. x


    • Dawn Hall

      I do hope they are making another series of In The Club,Kay Mellor is so talented and The actors did a great job.I have only ever watched about 4 episodes of Downton Abbey but have the chance to watch it on Netflix x


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