Friday Five…senses


My current favourites are,

1. Sight, apart from my loved ones my favourite sight at the moment is a tidy,organised room, I am working on this area of my life at the moment and we are at the start of lots of D.I.Y projects so we have some on the go in most rooms at the moment, my living room is a tidy and calm place to be right now but we are adding wallpaper to the feature wall soon  and I am creating a picture wall in the dining area, new curtains and a few pieces of painted furniture and it will be finished.

2. Sound,you can’t beat the sound of children laughing, It brings joy to my heart when my Grandchildren giggle or laugh.

3. Smell,this changes almost daily but I am a coffee addict and love the smell when you open new jar of instant or smell  fresh brewed coffee,I love walking into a coffee shop smelling the coffee and knowing I am getting my coffee fix.

4. Taste,this is so hard but my favourite taste of the moment is peanut butter, I know its not that good for you but even on my Weight Watchers plan I am allowed in moderation, I sometimes have a little spoonful spread on apple slices as a snack but when I am feeling naughty I love Reeces peanut butter cups, the salty sweet scruminess is what I love.

5. Touch,My snuggly ,soft throws and blankets that are on my chairs and sofa’s in soft duck egg blue tones make my living room feel so cosy and I love the feel of them.

Why not join in with the Friday five?

Dawn x


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