12 questions and my answers.


A few things about me in question and answer form for what reason I am not sure I just wanted to do it this way.

1. Q. Do you prefer pyjamas or a nightdress? A. Pyjamas,shorts and vest top in the Summer and long trousers and long sleeved top in the winter. 

2. Q. Tea or coffee? A. I can’t stand the smell or taste of tea so it is coffee for me, I love a vanilla cappuccino or an iced caramel coffee, I am a coffee addict and love the smell of coffee, either from a jar or freshly brewed.

3. Q. Ice cream or iced lolly? A. I adore a really good ice cream, my current top 3 are, cookie dough, honeycomb and rocky road.

4. Q. Crossword or Sudoku? A. I am mathematically challenged so it has to be a crossword,I get a real buzz when completing a crossword, I admit I tend to take the easy option and tend to stay away from the cryptic clues!

5. Q. Cat’s or Dog’s? A. I have to admit I do not think I could live with a cat, I talk to my neighbour’s cat’s but have been in the same room with an adult cat only around three times in my life,I feel quite uneasy about them, my Dad has a severe cat phobia started when he was a young boy and it has rubbed of on me unfortunately. I love Dog’s and we have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Called Alfie who is 7 years old and he is my shadow.

6. Q. Cooking or baking? A. I consider myself to be quite a good cook and when cooking for others I get quite good feedback, I love trying cooking new dishes. I cook a lot but don’t often bake, I admire all of the contestants of The Great British Bake Off,baking on TV must be so scary but also being judged adds to the pressure yet week after week they produce some amazing bakes. I would love to master bread making and the art of baking the perfect macaroon.

7. Q. Wine or spirits? A. It depends, if at home or eating out I like red wine, if we are just out for a drink I like vodka and diet coke or a cocktail, I am partial to a Cosmopolitan.

8. Q. Early or late nights? A. In the summer I stay up quite late because of the lighter nights I tend to wind down later, In the winter there is nothing I like better than going to bed early to snuggle under the duvet to watch TV or read a book with a nice glass of red or a hot chocolate.

9. Q. Messy or tidy? A. I like to think I am quite a tidy person, I like everything in it’s place and could never go to bed and leave the living room messy, saying that my laundry room could do with a tidy up at the moment. 

10. Q. Walk or run? A. Run? me? I can’t remember the last time I ran, I am too unfit to run and have no desire to do so. I do however like a walk, I like a nice long dog walk, a stroll on the beach and when I am in the zone a power walk.

11. Q. Dress or trousers? A. I have not worn many dresses in the past 20 years, I live in cropped trousers or jeans and when I go out I wear smart trousers.

12. Q. Sitting in the garden or digging the garden? A. I like to sit and watch John digging in the garden.I love nothing better than sitting in the sun with a glass of something chilled, I am not green fingered at all, I buy plants and know how I like the garden to look and John does the manual work.

Please feel free to answer these questions if you fancy it.

Dawn x 




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