Major de-clutter at car boot sale and my plans for the week.


Phew I survived my very last boot sale as a seller at least. Sunday morning went like this.

4am alarm,the car had been pre loaded by John last night and I had made sandwiches and got drinks ready too, coffee,shower dressed,hair and a quick make up done as I would not want to scare off potential customers,sorted dog out, my Son was coming in during the day to let him out. In car on road at 5.30am. We arrive at boot sale site at 6 am and they are just opening gates for sellers and there are lots of people crowding around the cars asking if we have mobiles,jewellery,sportswear or games consoles, I said no we only have household stuff. John hates this and only doing it under duress,he loses it at one point when a man sticks his head inside the car trying to look in boxes. We set up a table and either side ground sheets, I put bags and shoes one side and I have cushions and throws the other, I have some collectables which I keep at the back of the table ( none of which sold as I would not let them go for silly money), I had lamps,vases,books,dvd’s,travel games,pictures,teasset,kitchen ware etc. I was freezing cold, what idiot puts flip flops on to stand in a damp cold field? I couldn’t feel my feet for about three hours. The customers kept on coming and I couldn’t believe the amount of people shopping at 7am! the neighbouring cars were ok  I was worried I would be near someone blasting out music or too near the catering trucks.

I love people watching and had my fill,you see some sites I can tell you,I got to cuddle some cute dogs, we had lulls and then crowds, I get so infuriated when you are practically giving stuff away and when you ask £1 for something they say will you take 50p ! I gave an old lady 3 pretty framed pictures she loved for £2 because I really wanted her to have them and they were going for more than that each  and I gave a little boy a badminton set free because I felt sorry for him. I watched the items going and it amazed me that the best stuff didn’t sell. I thought we had taken around £60 by the time we had enough and packed up, we actually made £107.20 yeah! we sold the bulky stuff including a box of cherished teddy ornaments,2 kitchen chairs,bags of cushions and framed pictures, what was left went into 2 boxes and a black sack, the collectables that I am keeping to try to sell elsewhere and the box and bag of stuff that will be going to the Cancer research chairty shop when John finishes today.

We had a little walk around the remaining stalls but didn’t buy anything, the rule for the day because we would be defeating the object and we went home and we were absolutely shattered.We had a snooze for a couple of hours. I love booting as a customer but will never sell on one again I couldn’t go through all of that and forgot how hard it was because the last time we did one was quite a few years ago.I have so much respect for those who do it week in week out and will be back there very soon looking for items I can either up cycle or keep for my home,and only if I need it!

It was a success really because we got rid of a room full of clutter and am also donating to such a good cause and I made some money to spend on some chalk paint and wax for my furniture and décor projects.But never again.

Thankfully my dog Alfie must have sensed his Mummy needed a lie in,poor John had to be up again at 4am for work but I got a lovely lie in until 7.45! This week I am starting looking after 2 of my Grandchildren two days a week as their Mum is at college again this year.I will have them Tuesday and Thursday , Myah from 8.45 and then we will pick Mason up from Nursery school and I have them both until around 4.45pm when my Son will pick them up. I love having them and we will have fun,baking and crafting and going to the park or the ball pit place with a friend of mine who also looks after her Grandaughter a few days a week. I wonder how many people would struggle to go to work or study if it weren’t for Grandparents, childcare in this Country is just so expensive. I was lucky that I didn’t have to work much when my boy’s were growing up and I didn’t have that problem..

So today as the weather is so nice I am catching up with my laundry and having a general tidy up and this afternoon I am stripping the wallpaper off in my kitchen /diner, it is only on one wall so won’t take long, we have decided to paint the whole kitchen in a soft duck egg blue my favourite colour. I am looking forward to re dressing the kitchen and creating a whole new look, I am on the look out for a new kitchen table and chairs, new to me as I am looking for a painting project, if I can’t find what I am looking for I have seen a cream country-style dining set in the Range one of my favourite home décor shops.

Baby sitting Tuesday,cleaning bedrooms and washing bedding on Wednesday,babysitting on Thursday and out to lunch with one of my friends on Friday. Shopping and lunch with John Saturday and staying at home for a relaxing Sunday .

what are you up to this week ?

Dawn x





6 thoughts on “Major de-clutter at car boot sale and my plans for the week.

  1. Dawn Hall

    A lot of Grandparents become minders because of the lack of or high cost of child care, they keep me on my toes, it is a joy having them but somewhat of a relief when they are picked up too sometimes. Feeling quite smug that I have an empty loft and de-cluttered home,well inside at least,John has to tackle the garage which is more of a huge tidy up really.


  2. I love getting things out of the house, but the sale part is SO work intensive. I should open my house and let people wander around and make offers! LOL


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