Friday Five…things I have to have in my home


Welcome to my Friday five, this week I have chosen five things that I love having in my home, this list was very long and I have decided on my five current favourite things.

1. When I was a child I saw Bed knobs and Broomsticks and the film was centred around a magic brass bed, I loved that bed and always wanted one, around ten years ago we bought one it cost around £400 and I love it, I will never part with it. I haven’t posted a pic of my bed because we are sleeping in it in the spare room as my room is now empty awaiting a new floor and re-decoration. when it is done I will post a photo but found a phot of my bed on Pinterest. I love snuggling under the duvet watching TV or reading a book or having a nice lie in on a Sunday morning, John brings me coffee and we sit and chat for ages. I am looking for some new bedding at the moment, I can’t wait to move back into my own room.

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2. Yankee candles,my all time favourite it Clean cotton, I love candles and Yankee is one of my favourite, clean cotton smells just like clean linen fresh from the line, it is one of the freshest aromas and I love the jars,plug in’s and car jars.I have to have candles in my home.


3.My late Grandmother’s huge T.G Green mixing bowl. I inherited some of my Grandmother’s bake ware and hand written recipes and I will treasure them always, I remember she was always baking cakes and scones and her favourite,huge slabs of bread pudding, all mixed in her big mixing bowl, It sits proudly on my baking trolley and I love using it and am so careful with it as I want to keep it for ever, I am not as good a baker as my Nan, and she didn’t own a mixer she did it all by hand.


4. I have quite a thing for cloches, I have quite a few, I keep some of my other late Grandmother’s china displayed in them, my little one has a bird on top and site on my fireplace. I will always have cloches in my home I may change what I display in them from time to time but I love them 



 5. Picture frames, especially white ones, I love photograph’s,prints and frames quotes and am currently trying to create a photo wall in the dining area , I am collecting white frames or painting frames in my collection white, I have yet to decide on the layout and am looking for ideas, I have to have pretty white frames in my home I love them.Cant wait to get them on the wall.


I hope you enjoyed my Five, what are your five?

x Dawn 


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