Friday five…


I was trying to think of what my five should be this week and with the weather turning I think we are being dragged kicking and screaming towards Autumn so my Friday five post is – Five things I like about Autumn.
1.Making the house cosy ready for chilly weather,getting throws out for snuggling up in to watch TV or read a book and putting my big fake fur blanket on the bottom of the bed,putting more candles around the house as I love candlelight it makes a room look and feel cosy.

2. I love long Summer nights but enjoy lighting the fire and candles that little bit earlier as it gets darker much earlier.

3. Preparing for the schools P.F.A Halloween disco or spooky disco as we have to call it (don’t get me started on that one) it is one event that the kids enjoy the most. The costumes,the disco,the food. We start planning as soon as the kids go back in September which is almost here. Must look on Pintetest for costume ideas.
4. The food…it had be in my five. I love cooking and I find as much as I love fresh Summer foods it is so nice to make one pot warming soups and stews. There is nothing like filling the kitchen with the smell of a great beef bourguinon or lamb hot pot topped with thin crispy potatoes.
5.Having a long bubble bath,putting on pj’s and getting into a cosy bed with a nice warm drink or a glass of my favourite red wine and a good book.
I could go on, what are your favourite things about Autumn?
Dawn x


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