We have rain, what did we expect ? it is August Bank Holiday in the UK


I really detest this weather, you can’t plan any outdoor activity or trip,my spare room and office look like a Chinese laundry , it feels so chilly and today I have eaten my first soup since winter, I had a tomato and three bean soup, I needed warming up and it did the job, John is re-hanging my bedroom curtains for me as they have been washed, we were going out for the day but having woken up to rain we decided to stay at home because apart from walking around the shopping centre again there is not a lot to do, I didn’t fancy the pub as I am still getting over a chest infection. I have done some housework,lots of washing,made breakfast and lunch and have been catching up on reading the blogs I follow and now writing this.I finished re-reading Where Rainbow’s End by Cecelia Ahern this week,l I loved this story and I may have mentioned it in a previous post it has been adapted for the big screen,the movie is called Love Rosie.

My Friends bought me the Fifty Shades Trilogy when they first came out and I managed the first one and am struggling with the second to be honest I am finding it a little boring, yes I am intrigued to find out what happened in Grey’s past and I like the idea that although everyone remarks that is it Mummy Porn that is actually a love story within the pages as the story unfolds,I hope to finish the second soon and see if I have the patience to read the third book. I am sure this is one boring post and it reflects how I feel, bored!

I hope you found today a little more exciting than I have so far,We may watch a movie from Netflix later.

Dawn x











One thought on “We have rain, what did we expect ? it is August Bank Holiday in the UK

  1. I struggled through all three of the Fifty Shades books, and to be honest, on reflection, it wasn’t worth it – it was all very samey and overlong, and I was totally bored by the end. x


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