Throw back Thursday…..Playtime in the 70’s


Yes I am showing my age but I grew in the 60’s early 70’s and this is what we did to keep ourselves amused, we used to play out all the time and the summer holidays we only went home when we were hungry, it was much safer then, when we were at home this is what we did.

French Skipping, I had no idea how to describe this game so I found a you tube link, don’t judge me it was the 70’s ! if we had nobody to play with we used 2 chairs instead of friends legs. We raided our Mum’s sewing boxes for the elastic.We used to make up all sorts of moves,more than in the video(oh dear that sounds so sad)

Clackers, we called then Ker-knockers. They were 2 really hard plastic balls on a string and we had to hold them out at arms length and swing them up and down and they banged together on the way up and then on the way down, they caused so many bruised and even fractured wrists that they were banned from the school playground.I remember the pain but they were fun.


Chopper bike, Oh I loved my Chopper bike so much I had a red one, it was THE bike to own and I was so proud of it, my friends and I would ride for miles , I had mine confiscated by my Dad because I rode with my friend sitting on the front downhill and when I braked she shot off smashing her face onto the concrete (no permanent  damage) and I think a month without my bike was really harsh but I did’t tell my Dad because he would have made it two month’s eat your heart out Judge Judy!

images (2)

Space Hopper, my friends and I would bounce around the garden like mad people on our space hoppers, now please remember that I grew up on a council estate in the West Midlands and my Dad couldn’t afford a horse,I created a space hopper pony club in my Dad’s shed we had a members book and we made a jumping course with planks and paint cans and rode our hoppers as if they were horses ( yes very funny I know) round the course, my hopper was called Beauty (I am sniggering to myself whilst typing this) I would make paper rosettes too,I was only eight at the time! We had so much fun on them, my Sister and I would use them to fight with and bash each other half to death with them too.


When it was raining, the only time we were indoors really, we played with Etch -a -sketch,the TV ads bigged this up by putting ads on TV where people were drawing Big Ben and fabulous skyline’s and even a man’s face using this. I was a dark grey screen in a red plastic case with two control knobs, horizontal and vertical ( that was the only two directions you could draw in) and when you twiddled the knobs the stylus would displace aluminium powder at the back of the screen creating the line (thanks Wikipedia for that) try as we might there was no way we could re-create the masterpieces shown on TV and it took hours just to produce a box but I still loved mine.

images (1)

There were more indoor toys we played with such as Monopoly and card games but my best memories were definitely playing out, over the park,on our bikes or playing rounders on the park green,playing on the swings and trying with all our might to go over the top bars. I feel so sorry for youngsters today who don’t have that freedom and who are not street wise, we played out all day and it cost nothing, we amused ourselves and had the freedom to do so, we didn’t have much money but I think we had a brilliant childhood. 

What did you play with when you were growing up ? 

Dawn x 


2 thoughts on “Throw back Thursday…..Playtime in the 70’s

  1. Oh, fun topic! I loved all of these. I think my favorite was ker-knockers…they were such pretty colors! I had sapphire blue ones and deep red ones that looked like giant cinnamon hard candies. I also loved Tickle-Bee, and my troll dolls. I jumped rope and played jacks for HOURS. I absolutely adored using Plastigoop in my Thingmaker to make Creepy Crawlers and Fun Flowers, but what were they thinking? Those things got HOT! And I loved my Barbies. There were some older ladies at our church who handmade for me THE most gorgeous wardrobe items.


    • Dawn Hall

      Thanks for the reply my Grandmother used to knit my tiny tears dolls clothes and I had a a little case full of them. X


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