Friday Five…Good Things


This weeks Friday Five,good things that have or are happening this week.

1.Yesterday I had a catch up with a dear friend and she treated me to lunch as she wasn’t here for my Birthday as she was on holiday.

2. It is my Nieces wedding tomorrow, it has been years since we attended a wedding and I am really looking forward to going.

3. I am sticking to my healthy eating plan and even when I went out to lunch yesterday I had a really tasty salad,lemon pepper chicken and bacon salad with a raspberry dressing

4. I have some lovely new sandals  .,black and slightly sparkly.

5. I am on target for my Avon sales challenge and will be getting a 7 inch tablet for 19.99 it is worth 89.99.

The weather isn’t looking good and I am keeping everything crossed that it doesn’t rain tomorrow as my Niece is getting married and it just isn’t the same when the weather is horrid.

Have a great weekend whatever you have planned.

Dawn x 






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