Cecelia Ahern books my top five so far.


I love reading Cecelia Ahern’s books,I call them my go to book when I need to escape and lose myself  in a good,fun read. I love her writing style. I have all of her novels and yet to get her short stories. Her first novel P.S I Love You has been adapted for the big screen and although I enjoyed the movie the book is far better, never judge a book by its movie.There are plans for more of her books to be made into movies and I believe one is being made at the moment.

I can’t really chose a favourite book from Cecelia because I have enjoyed them all for various reasons. P.S I Love you was such a poignant love story and I got quite choked up at one point. If you could see me now was a good read but I have to admit I had to re-read a few chapters to keep up with what was going on. A Place Called Here had me guessing to what was really going on all the way through the book , One Hundred Names is one I read recently is a  page turner and I couldn’t wait to read what was going to happen next, in the  story we are introduced to lots of characters which was very confusing at first but then as the story unfolds you realise why, I enjoyed this one a lot. Her latest book How To Fall In Love was another book where I could lose myself in the romance of the storyline.

As I said I couldn’t choose a favourite but my top five so far are.

1. P.S I Love You…Love letters from beyond the grave helps Holly to finally get her life back when she loses her soul mate Gerry,I had a lump in my throat imagining myself in that situation, this is a sad,funny and enjoyable read.

2. A Place Called Here..When Sandy goes missing she stumbles upon a place and people she has been looking for all of her life,this enchanting story has so many unexpected twists and turns.

3. The Book Of Tomorrow..Tamara has always lived in the here and now never giving a second thought to tomorrow until she discovers a large book locked with a gold clasp and padlock what she discovers within the pages shakes her world to the very core,a great read

4. One Hundred Names..Everyone has a story,Kitty’s is just about to begin.Kitty inherits a single list if names with the promise that it is a story she has to tell.Who are these people and how are they linked and what is the story ? a very intriguing read

5. Where Rainbows end.Rosie and Alex, best friend’s or soul mates,I love the format of this story,a page turner, read this !

I am re-reading Where Rainbows end at the moment because it has been a while.


x Dawn
































4 thoughts on “Cecelia Ahern books my top five so far.

  1. I love her books too!! They’re so fun and exactly like the kind of novel I’d like to write if only I had the imagination. There’s a couple of her latest ones I still haven’t got round to reading yet but I really must! xx


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