Rainy Sunday


I saw on the weather report that the south of the is taking quite a bashing with high winds and rain. Here in the Midlands it has been raining for most of the night, the grass is water-logged and the boot sale we were planning to go to and set up a table is cancelled, we have lots of boxes in the garage that I am desperate to get rid of and am trying to raise a bit if cash to put towards buying chalk paint for my furniture projects, what doesn’t sell will be donated to the cancer research charity shop.

Because the weather was so bad last night we had already decided the boot sale was off so we enjoyed a bit of a lie in this morning and I cooked bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast and have put a chicken in for a roast for lunch which we have around 2pm on Sunday. I love leisurely Sunday’s, going at our own pace and doing nothing more than a few jobs around the house, I catch up on TV catch up if I have missed any shows I normally watch in the week , John reads the papers and has numerous cups of tea before doing anything as he is up between 3 and 4 am in the week and Saturdays we are always busy and he doesn’t get a chance to relax much. We take Alfie out for a long walk but not today as it is far too wet,in fact I now hear thunder, my dog isn’t phased by it thankfully. I am going between the kitchen to check on lunch and making tea and coffee and the lounge where I am watching catch up,mainly home improvement and cookery shows.

I had a call this week from one of the builders in Exeter informing me on the stage of the build and a few houses we were interested in will have showrooms finished in one of the new phases by September when we are visiting. I am beyond excited as we have been wanting to move for years and now we are finally making plans to move next Summer, we have to do a few little jobs and redecorate which we would be doing even if we were not moving but we have to put a new bathroom in as ours is rather dated now. The rest is just cosmetic work.

I am off to check on my roast, I hope the weather where you are is better than here,and I hope the storms are not causing too much damage, I hate seeing the floods and the devastation to homes and businesses on TV and feel for the people and communities affected.

Hope you come back soon,have a great day , Dawn x


3 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday

  1. Frances wilson

    I don’t usually comment on blogs I’m usually one who pops in and out just to have a wee nosey to see what people get up to ,but it dawned on me you go to all the bother of writing updates so regularly , and I thought it might be nice to hear that we really enjoy what you do. Your wee updates are so honest and reflective , funny , witty, and realistic and I for one appreciate the effort you put in to them . You brighten up more than a few rainy days for me so thank you
    Frances x


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