Why can’t I ?


2 things I can’t do and not for the want of trying for years, and I do mean years.

Why can’t I grow my nails? I have been trying all my adult life to grow and keep long, good condition nails and have failed miserably, I have tried so many nail hardeners and serums,kept my cuticles soft and conditioned and yet as soon as a nail grows it either breaks,splits or flakes. It is so frustrating because I love nail polishes,and lovely nail wraps that are on the market now and would love to be able to have my own nails polished at a nail bar because I never have. I have had acrylic nails and spent lots of money on false nails that pop off at the most inappropriate times and I find myself carrying pre painted spare nails and glue for a nail emergency. I think I am going to admit defeat and go back to acrylics but not long garish ones, I want natural looking medium length pretty nails.

Why can’t I make Yorkshire pudding? I consider myself to be a decent cook and have been told I am a very good cook by people I have cooked for but for the life of me I can’t master the art of producing a proper Yorkshire pudding from scratch, you know the ones I mean, the ones you see coming out of ovens on  TV or maybe even your own, risen to absolute perfection, crispy,golden and without a soggy bottom. I have tried various methods from a number of recipe books and followed the recipe to the letter but I have never produced the perfect yorkie , I always use Aunt Bessies frozen ones ,much to the amusement of my kids because they saw some of the disasters that came out of my oven on numerous weekends and they were quite thankful that I had a stash of ready made ones in the freezer. 

We have roast beef for lunch tomorrow by the way which is what spurred me on to admit to you my culinary failure and also my nails are in a proper state !

So come on be brave, spill the beans,what can’t you do and wish you could ?

x Dawn 


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