Friday five..good things


Welcome to the Friday five. This week it is five good things that have happened in the past week.
1. After 28 years of  waiting the yard across the road had closed it’s gates for the very last time and a sign saying Lioncourt homes coming soon has gone up. What a relief.
2. Getting some great orders,I am an Avon Rep and am soon starting training as a sales leader.I have beaten all of my targets and have some great customers. This is a way of making money to help fund my vintage homewares business.
3. Decided on a date in September to go and visit Cranbrook and a few other new build sites in and around Exeter to try to find a little two bedroomed house for just the two of us plus Alfie my Cavalier. I am so excited.
4. I have sorted through every cupboard and drawer in the house and after 28 years the loft is now empty. I have boxed all the sellable stuff in readiness for the bootsale on Sunday and what doesn’t sell is going straight to the charity shop on Monday.
5. We or should I say I have decided that when we move and are settled in I am getting another puppy another Cavalier boy. I have a blenhiem boy now Alfie is 7 who is my shadow and  totally adorable, I am getting a tricolour next. I work from home and when in Devon will be running my vintage business from home so I won’t be leaving pets alone all day. I am looking forward to having another a little bundle of fur around and hopefully Alfie will enjoy having a playmate.
X Dawn


2 thoughts on “Friday five..good things

  1. They say Cranbrook is going to be bigger than Honiton when it’s finished. Amazing, really. Sounds like you’ve been doing a better job of decluttering than me – I must get some done when I have more time …


    • Dawn Hall

      We are looking at a few areas. So excited. We have been wanting this for ages andbit John hadn’t lost his business we would have done it a long time ago. The house will be smaller than we had hoped but we now don’t owe a penny to anyone and paying cash for it. Picked ourselves up and looking to start again 🙂 we have been coming to Devon for years and we love it. We can’t wait!


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