Christmas in July


Firstly I have just had a message from WordPress to say I have been blogging for 5 years!!  where has the time gone?  anyway on with the post.
I turned on the TV and I always check the tsv on QVC and today it is a l.e.d cherry tree perfect for Christmas as it is Christmas in July.  I love Christmas and thought I would share with you my Christmas prep. I have a note book with all my lists done,gifts,cards.meal plans,shopping plans,decor and craft ideas etc. I have decorated some little brown paper bags for the children as this year I am giving the little ones goodie bags with a gift card,little trinkets and sweets,plus my homemade Gingerbread men. I have decorated the bags already when I was in the mood for some craftiness. I sell Avon and they have some fab products (my next blog topic) and have been collecting some bargains to make up some pamper kits for the ladies. I am looking for some wrapping ideas. I love brown paper so that will be using that somewhere I am sure. I love all things Christmas so be warned. Happy Christmas in July.


Little bags ready to be filled with goodies for the children. How do you prepare for Christmas and when do you start?


3 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. I have bought a Christmas present for a friend already and I have already started thinking about what to get my son. Once Halloween is over I will really dive into the “planning” of it all. I do like the Christmas in July concept though… this is the second year I arranged for a mid-year swap between me and my pen pals 😀


  2. I used to Christmas shop throughout the year, but I buy for far fewer people now, so tend to leave it until nearer the time. Can’t think about Christmas in this lovely weather, though … x


    • Dawn Hall

      It is so lovely we are coming to Devon in September to look at some new builds in and around Exeter and maybe further down. I saw Christmas in July and thought it was about time I got into gear as we have loads to buy for! x


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