Friday five..


Favourite drinks…
1. or cold I am a coffee addict I love the stuff! I.don’t like tea.
2. Fruit smoothies..I make my own smoothies at least once a week,I use fresh or frozen fruit Sainsbury’s sell bags of frozen fruit and even smoothie packs they have been on offer 2 bags for £4.
3. Prosecco.. What a lovely refreshing summer tipple I add a splash of cassis sometimes
4. Cosmopolitan. I love the delicate flavour of this yummy cocktail and when we have guests I always make these the girls love them.
5. Gin and bitter lemon. I first had a version of thinking Menorca,the capital Mahon has it’s own Gin distillery there it is called Pommada,served icy cold it packs quite a punch.
5. A really good hot chocolate thick and creamy, green and blacks is delicious. Perfect for sipping snuggled under a throw watching TV or reading..Marshmallows optional!


My creamy thick mixed berry smoothie made with frozen fruit.

I am not a lush honest. What is your favourite drink? 


2 thoughts on “Friday five..

  1. I am a bit obsessed with ice, and we have a drive-in restaurant here that has the best chipped/crushed ice. I really love a Coke or a iced tea from there, because they are perfectly chilled, and the ice is soft and a treat by itself after the drink is gone.

    I absolutely adore a really good Margarita, but rarely do I give in to my desire as I’m on blood thinners and supposed to avoid alcohol.

    Luckily I really like water, and I drink a lot of it.


    • Dawn Hall

      My friend has an American style freezer which dispenses amazing crushed ice. We have Nando’s a chicken place which has the best ice and I agree it is such a treat x thanks for the reply.


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