Friday hates


1. Spitting..Disgusting I gag when thinking about this filthy habit.
2. Dog poo. I have a dog and clean up after him.I  always have a poo bag in my pocket or bag and if I see someone walking away from their dog mess I will give them a bag so beware! 
3. Chewing gum..the chomping and smacking of lips annoys the heck out of me.
4. Calling me love…”that is £3 love” when being served in a shop or market stall.I am not your love!
5. Cold callers..every day I get at least 2 calls trying to save me money,get me thousands back in compensation or offering me free lift insulation.. Bugger off! 
I had trouble choosing just 5… What are your pet hates? Dawn


5 thoughts on “Friday hates

  1. I have to say 4 of the above mentioned would feature in mine too. I don’t mind being called “love” too much – there are worse things which I could be called. And kids probably hate it when I call them “sweetheart” when they fall over or something but I can’t help it.

    What else do I dislike – when my hubs doesn’t put his empty pill packets in the bin when he’s finished the last one – gah!


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