Friday five..things I have done this week


1. I looked after my Grandson Mason as I do twice a week as his Mum is at college. He was showing me all of his bruises.


2. We found a lovely little dog wandering the street where we live. It was late and no one could take him so he slept at my house and then the next day we took him to the vets to be scanned for a chip and he did we took him to the address and the house was empty. Since he had no collar and contact details we took him to the dogs trust centre nearest to us. As soon as walked in the staff recognised him. His name is Champ and is a escape artist but they had his old address too. We left him there which upset me but he was in good hands and I came home and put his picture on facebook, a friend of mine knew the owner and they had just moved into my street. I told them where he was and they got Champ back thank goodness.


3.I took my friend Karen for a Birthday Afternoon tea at Vanilla Coffee it was lovely.



Karen is my oldest friend we met at secondary school when we were eleven. We are like Sister’s and we meet up once a week to put the world to rights.
4. Made a lovely breakfast smoothie with frozen berries,yogurt and a splash of milk it was really filling.


5. Posted this on my instagram throwback Thursday. It is my lovely Mum holding me, her first Daughter in 1960. She had a stillborn baby boy previously. I have a younger Sister, My Mum will be 75 in November.


What have you been up to this week?  Dawn. X


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