Friday five…food


My Friday five is five things I am cooking,making or baking this week. I meal plan and these yummy things are in this week’s plan.
1.Ham cooked in coca cola and onion and then baked with a brown sugar and mustard glaze. This will be served with ham,egg and chips and then we have the leftovers on sandwiches or a salad during the week.
2. Blackcurrant and lemon triffle. Well I should say layered dessert. It is so easy and is really just a put together pud. I have a pretty dish I will layer madeira cake slices and spread with blackcurrant jam with blackcurrant cassis drizzled over then blackcurrants and topped with marscapone mixed with lemon curd and the top sprinkled with toasted almonds. A perfect summer pudding.
3. Chicken and chorizo traybake. I love chorizo and I fill a large roasting tray with chicken thighs,small cooking chorizo,garlic,new potatoes halved,red peppers sliced and chunks ofย  red onion. I drizzle with a little olive oil and season. I roast in the oven and love the way the chorizo gives up its paprika flavoured oil when cooking. I love a one pot or tray meal and this one is so easy.
4. Spicy lamb koftas with flatbeds and yogurt and mint sauce and salad. So cheap and easy to make and delicious. I make the koftas from scratch using minced lamb but do buy the flatbeds. I buy a pack and freeze them. I can’t wait for this.
5. Spaghetti with roasted tomato and feta, cheap and easy and a lovely light meal. I roast halved cherry tomatoes drizzled with oil and seasoned. Then cook the pasta. Drain and top with the tomatoes and crumbled feta and drizzle with a little oil to serve.
So what are you cooking or baking this week? Dawn x


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