Bargain makes.. Natural yogurt


I love natural yogurt it is so cheap and there are lots of things you can do with it. Mine was 44p from Aldi and this morning I have made overnight oats for my breakfast tomorrow using oats,natural yogurt and blueberries layered in a glass and left overnight. The oats soak up the yogurt and become really moist. You can use any combination of fruit but I got a large punnet of blueberries for just over £1 from Aldi so I decided to use some. I think my breakfast cost around 50p or even less and in the morning I will drizzle a little honey on top. If you like oats give it a try. You can used flavoured yogurt too.



Low cost and low fat too.
I have also decided to make a chicken tikka balti tomorrow so using tikka powder mixed with the low fat yogurt I am going to marinate the chicken overnight and then when I need it I will put it on an oven tray and cook the chicken until slightly charred and then add it to my sauce,well Lloyd Grossman’s sauce,I try to make everything from scratch but have yet to perfect a balti sauce and I love Lloyd’s sauces. You can just have the tikka with salad or on skewers. It is so easy.



Once again low fat and low cost the yogurt was from the same pot I used for the oats and cost pence and the chicken beasts were £2.20 from Aldi. I am cooking a roast today, beef with all the trimmings and homemade cauliflower cheese my favourite side dish. What are cooking today? I will take pics of all the finished dishes for another post.Have a great Sunday x Dawn


2 thoughts on “Bargain makes.. Natural yogurt

  1. We are off out tonight with a friends – they won a meal for four at a local pub in a charity raffle and asked us to go with them. So no cooking for me tonight. Am going to try your oats recipe – looks good. I do a similar chicken thing, but use tikka paste instead of powder, as I find you get crispier edges on chicken, which we like. x


    • Dawn Hall

      Yes I love the paste but ran out. I also use Thai green curry paste it is yummy. Love freebies. Enjoy your evening. X


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