Friday five


My Friday five favourite breakfasts.The photos are not mine as I am using my phone to write this.
1. Eggs Benedict,my all time favourite breakfast if eating out. I love it.


2. Full English,who can resist a fry up? I prefer to have it cooked for me but do cook a mean full English.


3. Fruit and yogurt with cereal,this is for when I am trying to be good,it does taste very naughty but I use fat free Greek yogurt.


4. Pancakes and syrup,I use golden syrup as I am not a fan of Maple syrup. I don’t have this very often but I love it.


5. Porridge and blueberries,I have this a lot,it and is inexpensive and good for you.


What are your favourite breakfast dishes?


2 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. Here in Texas we have some fabulous breakfast tacos…mmm. I always make myself a poached egg on toast when I don’t feel well, because that’s what my mother used to make for me. 🙂 And I can make a mean Belgian waffle, just ask my grandkids. I’m not much of a morning breakfast eater, though, so I like to cook breakfast for dinner occasionally.


    • Dawn Hall

      We have breakfast for dinner or brunch too. I love poavjed eggs on toast for lunch,when I was poorly My Mum made me toast and marmalade and hot chocolate x Dawn


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