Avon calling


Yesterday I signed up to become an Avon rep and after a few campaigns I am becoming a team leader and will have a team of reps that I recruit. I will make between 20-25% commission depending on my sales. I have always used certain Avon products and they’re not just selling lipstick and shower gels. Thay have award winning skin care,make up, accessories and even clothing. I am impressed with the range available and love the Anew range of skin care and haveave always used their eye liner. I have sensitive eyes but have never had a problem with Avon’s. So I am getting books out to family and friends looking at the reviews for products and getting to grips with online brochure’s and the reps paperwork.I will also be allocated streets to deliver to if I want them in the next few days. Once I feel comfortable with that I will be training to be a sales team leader. I will then make money from what my team sells. It is alongside my online vintage business which is making a few pounds here and there. It will all help and I can also save money on my skin care and make up as I get discount. I just have to remember I am trying to make money not spend it. I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. X Dawn


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