…and breathe


John lost his haulage business a few year’s ago when most of the country was hit by the recession,I was not working but caring for my six year old Grandaughter, she has been living with my Son and his partner for 2 years now and is settled. John has a lorry driving job which he is getting paid a pittance in my opinion and I have a little online business selling vintage  finds and am seeking part time employment. We have been through a very tough time financially and it has caused quite a strain on our relationship as you can imagine,people say money can’t buy you happiness and that’s true but it gives you peace of mind. Thank goodness we had paid off the mortgage about a year before the work dried up and after 7 months of hardly any money coming in and struggling once our savings had gone John ceased trading. He felt a complete failure and was so understandably upset. He had given us ( we have 3 Son’s) good life,a nice home,holidays,every weekend we would be in Devon. We paid cash for cars,caravan holiday’s etc. We did have business debts and credit card debt and we were living on credit. He managed to get a driving job and is still struggling as he had been self employed for 30 years and finds it hard working for others. We were getting deeper and deeper in debt and robbing Peter to pay Paul and going without. He gets paid weekly and one week we paid out what we owed,put gas and electricity on as we have pre pay meters, paid council tax etc and we were left with 17 p needless to say we were in a mess. So we sold things we didn’t need, we did everything we could to save money,we lived on a really tight food budget and we never went out. We are still on a budget but paying off our debts and learning to live on less. We are managing our budget and have learned to be less wastefully and appreciate everything we have. I can feed both of us on a third of what I used to spend. I shop at Sainsbury’s and buy a lot of their own brands,I get toiletries and cleaning products from home bargains and cook from scratch. We use vouchers and money off offers to buy gifts and treats. I have de cluttered every room and made money from selling what we don’t need or use. I will be far less wasteful and am a lot more organised and am pleased to say that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are lucky that we have a solid relationship we have been together for 36 years and married for 31 years,we are now enjoying a bit more financial freedom and am proud to say we are stronger and wiser now. We feel we can sleep easier too. We have worked together,gone without but still had a roof over our heads,food on the table with no help from any benefits we claimed back Ppi and used that to pay off some debts and with the advice from a debt charity we are working hard to make sure we are never going back there again. We went out for a two for tenner meal yesterday as we hadn’t been out for a long time and all I could think about was how many groceries I could buy for the ten pounds! Our goal this year is to decorate every room of out house on a tight budget,to continue to build up my business and make a decent profit and have a few days out. I am using my unlimited data usage package on my mobile which is £23 a month as I have down graded my virgins media services for a while. John has a pay as you go phone. I have found some amazing blogs about money saving and living on a budget and read some inspirational stories. So I feel ready to get back to blogging. No one wants to read my tales of woe and I will not be dwelling on it but moving on and upwards. Watch this space! 


7 thoughts on “…and breathe

  1. Hard efforts with good results! I’m trying to economize since I left my job at the beginning of the year. Not easy, and not always fun, but it can be very satisfying.

    Glad to see your post in my blog feed today!


  2. It’s an inspiring story and I must admit I do watch every penny, economise on things like utilities and food to afford clothes I love and do regularly de-clutter to make cash for holidays and my daughters wedding etc. I am self employed and work is hit and miss in winter so not always easy but it just goes to show how much you can save by being careful and I find it brings a great deal of satisfaction. I food shop online, if it comes to too much, I take out non essentials and am happy to top up in Aldi when in town. Good for you is all I can say and you deserve those £10 for two meals just to spend time together xx


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