It has been a while.


I am back, it has been a while, lots going on but too boring to blog about. What I will blog about however is my de cluttering endeavours, I spent tuesday going through 2 cupboards and drawers in the living room, the room itself is always tidy but open the cupboards and it was a different story so I have de cluttered more books are going, glasses that we never use are off to the charity shop and I have room in my sideboard to display some pretty little cups I have been collecting. I am being really ruthless and it feels good.I am giving the house a little makeover and adding vintage and shabby chic into the mix, my love of all things vintage has taken over, I knew I would get there in the end, John likes modern so our home will now be a modern vintage style. I have also been finding pieces to sell in my online store Vintage Pretties, you will find it here it is a little site that sells genuine vintage,vintage style,retro and shabby chic,homewares,gifts and accessories and I am adding items to the store every few days.

I have been looking after my nearly 3 going on 13 Grandaughter Mille because her Mum was taken into hospital over the weekend and my Son has been with her as much as she can, Millie is into everything and never stops moving or talking like most nearly 3 year olds and she wore me out. She is so funny and I told her that she makes me smile and laugh, she said one day when I was colouring with her “Nanny I am so proud of you for that good colouring” I said “Thank you Millie I am so proud of you for being so clever” and she replied ” I am clever I know ” she is so caring and loving and a little Mummy to everyone especially Alfie my dog, she comes in and the first thing she does is kisses him. Thankfully her Mum is home and getting better, I have Millie every Monday and Mason 3 on Tuesdays and you forget how tiring little ones can make you, I am no spring chicken, I wouldn’t change them for the world.

Today I am adding items to my store,cooking and a little more de cluttering. I weil be back x Dawn


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