New year – Organized me


Monday was the start of my new plans. To be more organised in the home,to de-clutter every room in the house and put storage plans in place,to organising my time as I struggle with time management and be more frugal.
So far I have re -arranged my kitchen cupboards and got rid of my toaster that only toasted one side of the bread,why I kept it I have no idea,a few utensils I didn’t use and some miss-matched old plastic tubs and lids,I found use for a large tub when I sorted my baking products. I have lots of little bottles of food colouring’s and flavoring and cup cake sprinkles etc so they are all neatly stored away. I have re-organized my chest freezer and my smaller freezer drawers and my kitchens is done.
In the lounge the dvd’s are tidy and my blanket box sorted it houses my throws but the Grandkids tend to dump books and toys in there. I need a new toy box really. The drawers in my dresser have been sorted out. I have filled in my new small diary and planner and feel super organised. I have scheduled in exercise 6 times a week and really want to stick to it. So far I have created 8 different weekly menus and have promised myself that I will try a new recipe once a week as I have lots of recipe books that I hardly look at. I am planning to be a lot more frugal in the way we live as we are on such a tight budget. We are not going to be so wasteful,not that we are but I could do better and nit throw away too much food and to save money where we can.I am reading frugal blogs and have found some good ones. I will be blogging on that subject at a later date.I think I have made a great start and hopefully will develop new routines and habits. I am updating my notebook and lists daily. My reward is an afternoon off from any chores tomorrow so I can finish reading my book.
X Dawn


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