Valentine’s Day My 200th post!


We always give each other a Valentine’s card and maybe have a takeaway but never go out on Valentine’s Day. I am doing Valentine’s Day without spending a penny this year and here is how. The card -I have a craft stash so will make the card. The gift – am making book of vouchers that will look like a cheque book using my craft stash and my perforation cutter,the vouchers can be cashed in by John and will have I owe you a …massage, breakfast in bed, will clean your car, will fetch your paper and bring it up to you in bed with a cuppa on Sunday etc. The food – I Will make a curry and use the stuff from the food shop as we would be eating anyway,the dessert will be a chocolate mousse that I will make using dark chocolate that we had for Christmas and eggs from the fridge, and wine -also a Christmas gift. We will watch -Valentine’s Day on DVD that we already own.
Do you do anything special or like
us just stay ?
X Dawn


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