New Year New planner and my lists


I am a list person and can’t go a day without checking my lists I find it so satisfying ticking off items on my to do list. Every year I started a new planner it is a book which contains lists. Birthday list and Christmas lists, Valentine’s plans,and Easter list. I also have projects lists decorating plans ideas and jobs that need doing. I also put my exercise routine in there. If we plan a day out,weekend away or holiday then all of the plans go in my book. My whole life is on my notebook. I try to be organised I’m the kitchen and every week I create my meals for the week list then see what I have already and then write my shopping list. If it is not on my list it doesn’t go in my trolley unless it is am absolute bargain. I have a tight budget and my shopping list makes sure I stay within budget. I have been doing this for 3 years.I cook from scratch with one exception we love Lloyd Grossman curry sauce and I have not found a Recipe to match it,a small it is neearly £2 but it is sometimes on offer for £1 and I then stock up . I have a daily to do list that I write because I can never remember stuff I have to do. So today like every other day I will be checking things off my list. I could not be without my notebook and my lists. X Dawn 


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