John’s hospital dash


John had been having pain in his right in his rib cage since Monday of this week and it got so much worse so I made an appointment to see the GP, John must have been in agony as he never goes to the GP unless he really has to. He was getting shortness of breath and the appointment was on Friday at 5.30. I had a Slimming group Christmas meal on Friday (3 course non slimming world friendly meal) and I told John I wouldn’t go, he said no he was only at the doctors and it would be a waste of time me sitting in the waiting room with him, by the time Friday came round he was in really bad pain. I went to my Christmas meal and John said to enjoy my meal and not to worry. I was in the middle of the meal and looked at my phone and there was a message saying that the doctor sent him to get a chest X-ray just to be on the safe side and not to worry it was just routine, he would see me back at home. The meal finished and a group of us were chatting when I got a call, John said they had to give him blood tests and an emergency chest X-ray has they suspected he had a blood clot in his lung. I felt sick, all I could think about was getting to the hospital and to be with him. I thought I could lose him, sounds silly but you hear horror stories and when you are presented with things like this sometimes you can’t help think the worse. I was taken home by a friend and waited for John to ring when he came out of X Ray like he asked. I ran round the house packing a bag for him , PJ’s slippers toiletries,his glasses and a book. I was about to ring a taxi when I got a call from John, he said they could not find any sign of a blood clot, they ruled out Pluracy and the consultant said he thought it was muscular pain. Thank god !  John is a man of few words and when he got home he said and I quote “Bloody hell, I thought I could die and never see you again for a minute then, can I have some toast and a cuppa? I am starving” ……men !

x Dawn


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