What I have done this week


I have been really busy this week, On Saturday John and I got up early and headed off to Merry Hill, a big shopping arcade near us, John calls it Merry Hell, we got there at 8.15 to find a decent parking space,we walked around home bargains which opens at 8.30 and waited until 9am for Frankie and Benny’s to open where we had a lovely breakfast, we then went to the Range, a well-known¬†store that has just opened a branch there, I was very impressed and have¬†seen lots of things I must have for the house after Christmas as we are embarking on a project to redecorate every room and install a new bathroom, it was going to be done this year but funds were too tight and John works long hours and lots of other stuff got in the way, I am annoyed but it has to be done next year.¬† We got some more Christmas gifts and they are waiting to be wrapped. When we got back we had to do the food shop.I cooked and watched TV in the evening.

I cooked and cleaned on Sunday and went to see my parents in the afternoon.¬† Monday was my lovely Mum’s 74th Birthday.

208711_1042317850710_4736_n[1] My Mum.

On the same day it was our beautiful Granddaughter Emily’s 8th Birthday, I can’t believe she is 8, she was 5 in this picture she is holding her baby Brother Mason, he is in now 3.

46941_1501723655568_1124572_n[1] Adorable, I love this photograph.

Monday I¬†went to a school’s charity AGM, it is one that I am on the fundraising¬†committee, after the meeting¬†the members¬†did some prep for the Christmas fair. When it finished I went for a quick lunch and catch up with my friend who asked me to join her on the committee.

Tuesday I stayed in and did a bit of de cluttering in my office, I am packing away some of my card making stuff as I am taking a break from card making, I have been doing it for over 10 years and it is feeling more like a chore than a hobby these days so I think a little break will do me good.

Wednesday I went to Slimming world and was shocked and very peeved as I had a gain and I only needed half a pound to get my stone award, I am changing tactics and starting to walk three times a week to get this weight off, I have been so good and not even had one glass of wine, anyway enough said.

Today I am going to Emily’s school as I am on the fundraising committee and along with another member are decorating the¬†Santa’s Grotto¬†as it is the Christmas fair on Friday, I am manning the cake stall so when I come back from school I will be baking up a storm. We get lots of yummy donations from teachers and pupils and everything always sells.

Friday as I said is the Christmas fair, after that I have to do the food shop, Saturday I am deep cleaning the living room, sorting out the advent, and Sunday I am putting up my tree and cooking lunch and start my walking on Sunday evening.

I hope you have all had a good week x Dawn


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