Mid November, Christmas prep update


There is just the two of us plus a dog living here now, even when our three boys lived at home I did all the planning,the shopping,the cards,the gifts,the wrapping ,the decorating and the cooking , John had two jobs,to put the lights outside along the window canopy and to clean up after Christmas lunch and that is the way I like it.I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to events and armed with my trusty notebook full of lists ( I am a list girl) I will get all the prep done without him getting under my feet and besides he had DIY jobs to finish.

Cards – 3/4 of my cards have been written, I have 2 cross stitch cards to make which won’t take long and a few family cards to do and that is about it. I love cards and am a card maker but I only make a small number of  christmas cards, and I have to admit I don’t like cards all over the room, I have a basket tied with a red ribbon and I put cards I get in there I can then go through them and read them, they fall of shelves and make the room look a mess, I have tried all manner of card displays and none worked for me.

Gifts – This weekend we aim to get as many gifts as we can, I have a few gifts and some items for pamper baskets I am putting together and will try to tick as many off as possible. I like to have all the gifts wrapped by the end of November then I can relax and enjoy the run up to Christmas and attend events and help with fundraising events and enjoy browsing and bargain hunting and stopping for coffee (a Chritsmas treat as I don’t do coffee shops much these days) feeling quite smug that is all done. We are doing Christmas on a very tight budget and have planned most gifts down to the last penny so we will be just under budget. We don’t want to spend anymore than the budget allows and I am determined to stick to it.

Wrapping – I will in the next week set up a wrapping station on the dining table in the kitchen diner, I will have wrapping,tags,ribbons,pens,tape and have a few wrapping sessions, I will leave it set up and we will eat in the living room until I have finished. Once wrapped the gifts will be kept in the spare room cupboard, I have some large plastic storage containers ready. I did a post about wrapping you will find it f you scroll down, I am doin brown paper this year as I have a massive roll of it at home and will decorate according to who it is for.

House – I have been de-cluttering room by room for a while and have donated quite a few bags of “stuff”, I have been sorting through books, given the Grandkids piles of DVD’s (kept the Christmas movies) and John has quite a list of DIY jobs to do, that is an ongoing thing so as long as the house is clean and tidy and a few jobs done it will have to wait until the new year before we start ripping the old bathroom out and fitting new flooring upstairs and re decorating my bedroom etc. I will give it a once over in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I live in a clean and tidy house most of the time so cleaning is not the issue.

Christmas outfits – Since I have started the menopause I have had to wear layers that I can peel off when I get hot, I can’t do sweaters anymore.I haven’t decided what to wear for where yet but need to get a few nice dressy tops, I have enough trousers. I have just had some new boots but need a nice coat, I have 3 macs, a few waterproof coats and a padded coat that I live in from October but I need a nice coat for going out in, I donated my old one. I like a bargain so have been looking online, H&M do a pea coat that is under £50 in the sale, may have a look over the weekend when we are gift shopping.

Freezer – This week I am starting stocking up the freezer for December when we are busy with Christmas activities, I will do some batch cooking , lasagna,chilli,cottage pies, chicken pot pies etc. I will also make and freeze some mince pies and prep some veg etc and start filling it with Christmas goodies.

Fundraising – I have a few Christmas events coming up with the three organisations that I help raise money for, at my Grandughter’s school we have a Christmas bingo and Christmas Fair which will raise money to buy each child in the school a gift that is delivered by Santa and we buy each class a Christmas breakfast that is cooked by the teachers, they choose what they want and that is the day Santa comes. I am on the cake stall at the fair and have to persuade Mum’s and teachers to donate baked goods and they never disappoint. We also have various performances and carol services at school.At the special school I am also helping out at the Christmas fair so will be manning a stall. I am attending a Christmas lunch with the members of the Down’s support group and Santa buys each child a gift. Busy time but so rewarding as all the money goes to the kids.

Outings – So far I have planned a trip to the cinema at the beginning of next month, A Christmas breakfast and shopping trip, A carol service and a lunch Christmas Eve, I am looking for dates of Christmas markets in the area.

How are your plans coming along ?

x Dawn


2 thoughts on “Mid November, Christmas prep update

  1. Hi Dawn – I’m really looking forward to the Christmas market night in Totnes – it’s become a bit of a tradition for us as a family. It’s a really lovely atmosphere and we have a wander through the market, watch the street entertainers, drink some mulled wine and then go for a lovely meal at a bistro we love. Am frantically shopping this week,hoping to have it all done by end of November. Oh, and decluttering, ready for the big move in Jan! Busy busy! x


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