Christmas prep update


We put the clocks back this weekend in the UK and this weekend I will write my Christmas cards, I used to make all of my cards but as my card list grew I found it too much. I sit downstairs with my little lap top table ,TV on, and maybe a glass of something nice and get as many done as I can, I like to get them out of the way, that sounds terrible I know but it seems like a bit of a chore to be honest and my least favourite Christmas job. I am a card maker and love cards but hate clutter and I don’t go in for strings of cards around the house so I have a basket that I tied a red ribbon around and put the cards I get in there and then I can read them and anyone who wants to read them can get to them easily ( that is my excuse and I am sticking to it) I am starting  the cross stitch cards that I send to a few people ( who actually appreciate the time and thought that have gone into them)I love cross stitch I find it so relaxing. I am ordering calendars from Vista print for my Mum and Dad and myself of pictures of the Grandchildren and My dog and snaps I have taken, I have to decide on the final pictures before ordering, My Son did this last year and he had a month per page with 12 different pictures and I was really Impressed, they create some really nice personalised gifts and they are quite reasonable too.

I am food shopping later and will put a few items in the trolley for my Christmas pantry ( plastic box in spare room cupboard) and getting some freezer bags and trays ( like the foil takeaway cartons) ready for when I have a few cooking sessions for the freezer, always handy when you find yourself rushing around and haven’t planned a meal, I will make butternut squash and red pepper soup ( love soup and a sandwich for a weekday lunch), chilli cone carne,lamb tagine,curry,cottage pie and make some roast potatoes ,my own oven chips and spicy wedges.

I will add to the pantry and freezer leading up to Christmas, I will leave room for some tasty sweet treats too.

I am getting a few treats for the dogs stocking from the 99p shop, they have dog treats and toys in there.

I have a Christmas notebook to keep track of what I have and what I need and have little lists in my planner that I carry in my handbag to remind me of what has to be done.

So how are your Christmas plans coming along? Dawn x





2 thoughts on “Christmas prep update

  1. I have bought Christmas cards already…but time will tell if they get mailed…I always start off with such good intentions. I have one gift purchased. ONE! Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh! I am not making much headway even planning the gifts.


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