In December I will…


I love the run up to Christmas, I am usually feeling quite smug by December 1st because all of my gifts will be wrapped and tagged ready to be given out, I write my cards in November and my freezer will be full of Meals for when I am too busy to cook, I am on 3 fundraising committees and it is a busy time for us, just the fresh foods to buy, I can then relax and enjoy the festivities. I can browse the shops and pick up some bargains (for next year), sit and drink my Gingerbread Latte amust and I love coffee. I make time to bake Gingerbread men for the Grandchildren, make chocolate bark for friends and myself , the recipe is in a previous post,go for a nice lunch with my friend,shop for a few outfits to wear over Christmas,clean and decorate the house,with National Lampoons Christmas playing I put that film on every year when putting up the tree and have done for years,and spend some time with John too. I have an advent with little draws that used to be full of sweets or little treats for my boys but now I put little notes in with things to do, some for just John and I and some for the kids if I know they will be here on a certain day, Jingles the Elf (will do a post about Jingles) visits too with little things for the little ones to do.

In the advent there will be, for John and I…

Go and see a film at the cinema.

Go out for a Christmas Eve lunch, once all the pressies are delivered (we have to help Santa sometimes as he is really busy) we go and have a pub lunch somewhere.

Go to a Christmas market , I love the atmosphere .

Go to a Christmas Carol service at church, I get quite emotional when I hear the children singing, it is what christmas is all about.

Watch a Christmas film in bed with a glass of something nice or for me a mug of hot chocolate ….how boring am I ? lol

Go late night shopping, our shopping mall opens until midnight in December so when John finishes work we will go for a meal and go late night shopping, I usually pick up some bargains then, John always disappears for an hour to get my gifts and he will hide them in the boot of the car.

For the little ones …..

Make parents a Christmas card, they love this, they end up covered in glitter and glue and an amazing creation !

Bake Christmas cookies, my kitchen will look like a tornado has hit it, the kids will be covered in flour, half the batter will be eaten by the kids and the bits that end up on the floor will be eaten by the dog but they LOVE baking and decorating the cookies and cup cakes and Gingerbread men.

Watch a Christmas film and have hot chocolate and marshmallows…simple pleasures and the kids all have their own Christmas mug, they love the mini marshmallows and I love snuggling up with them wrapped in a throw, the little ones find it hard to stay awake, heaven!

If we have snow we have to make a snowman, the kids get all wrapped up and we make a snowman, we end up having snow ball fights and go inside,pull off our wellies with freezing hands which are warmed up with more hot chocolate.

Write a letter to leave for Santa …the older kids do this themselves and I help the younger ones, we leave them for Jingles the Elf to take to the North Pole for us, some letters are short some are quite long and list the entire contents of the Argos toy section! They always do their best writing!

Hang an ornament on the tree, my tree will go up early December and I decorate it myself but I always keep a few ornaments aside so when the children come they can put a bauble or ornament on the tree, they think this is so special and they take ages deciding what to have and where to hang it.

They love doing all the Christmassy stuff and I love to keep the traditions going. I hope I am making lovely memories for the Grandchildren as I did for my kids.

The fundraising will be in full force at School a Christmas bingo,Christmas fair, the kids have a Christmas breakfast and we help Santa deliver a present to each child, the special school has a Christmas fair, The Down’s support group has a Christmas meal and disco and a visit from Santa. We also have a carol service and school performance to attend at school.

On Christmas Eve when we get in from delivering pressies and lunch I always hang our stockings up, just 3 now, John’s, Alfie’s (Santa always brings him dog treats and a new blanket) and Mine. I always leave a glass of milk (Santa can’t drink and drive) a mince pie and a carrot by the fire for Santa and Rudolph. I lay my table for Christmas lunch , this year my parents are coming, John and I will eat Christmas breakfast in the living room. I will prepare the veggies and do any last-minute prep. I will ring the kids before they go to bed, I love to hear how excited they are ,then will settle down with a nice glass of wine before bed.

x Dawn








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