My Christmas pantry


I long to live in a house where I have room for a pantry,a proper walk in pantry with shelves that would store my jars and packets with tubs to store fruit and veg and racks for cans and bottles. I Imagine a house where I could have this… 210f5687db29c4b73b134605b2fbb7ab What a great space, you could be super organised and have space not just for food but your gadgets etc.

Back to reality, I have a double wall cupboard and a large corner cupboard to store my food,baking stuff,herbs and spices etc. I try to be organised and have a clear out every now and then, I love glass jars and have quit a collection.

During the festive period I bake more than usual and make sweets and cupcakes for the children and for the school events, (I am on 3 fundraising committees and we always have a cake stall) the kids look forward to their Gingerbread men every year too.I stock up on flour,castor sugar,baking powder and soda, dried fruits and chocolate.I put a few things on my shopping list every week that I will stock up on for over Christmas and I have already done my menus from Christmas day until the 29th so I know what I need. I will get as many non perishables as I can before the last Christmas food shop and it won’t be as expensive.The shops are already full of Christmas baking supplies,mincemeat,icing,chocolates,biscuits,cheese biscuits etc. I only buy what is on the list and am good at sticking to lists as I do it every week.I will get olives,jar peppers,sauces and pickles,stuffing mixes,soups,drinks,dried fruits etc from now and will also take advantage of any offers and BOGOF’s to add to my Christmas food stash, I have a few large plastic storage boxes in my spare room cupboard and will keep as much as I can in there.

I will also make good use of the freezers, I have an upright fridge/freezer with 3 drawers and a small chest freezer, the chest freezer is empty now as  I have been running it down and it has been de-frosted and cleaned ready to start stocking it. I can bake and freeze meals to use in December so when I am busy doing school/fundraising and shopping I don’t have to worry about meals as they will be already made and in the freezer, chilli,stews,cottage pies,home-made chicken pot pies etc. I always buy frozen pastry too. I buy veg when on offer and blanche and freeze it, I freeze bananas that are too ripe to use in smoothies, I freeze slices of lemon and limes for drinks. I can buy a large joint of beef when it is half price and cut it into 2 small joints and some cubes for a stew and freeze, I can make soups and freeze those too.

I bake cookies and cook some and roll out the dough and place cookies on the sheet pan and wrap it and put it in the freezer, if you have unexpected visitors you just bung them in the freezer for fresh from the oven cookies. I also do this with mince pies.You can freeze Christmas cake in slices, I do this after Christmas as I am the only one who eats it and my Mum buys me one every year, I cut it leave some out for over Christmas and freeze it in slices. I hate waste and if it can freeze it I do.

Drinks and mixers all keep so if you know you are having a get together and will need to stock up get one or 2 bottles a week and maybe 2 mixers, supermarkets always compete with booze prices so take advantage, check online who is the cheapest before you go to save you the legwork.

The shops are full of great offers so make the most of them. If you are making foodie gift baskets start picking up some non perishable treats for those too.

If you don’t fancy trudging round the shops you can always do an online shop not forgetting to check the special offers they have on. You can buy more in one go if funds allow and you don’t have to lug it home. I love online shopping but it seems to take me ages just to do a weeks shopping.

Dawn x







3 thoughts on “My Christmas pantry

  1. You are super-organised, Dawn. Can’t believe you’ve done your menu plans for Xmas already – would you like to come and organise my Christmas for me, please?! ONly kidding! x


    • dawn060861

      I would love to lol. I have a Christmas note book and like you am a list person I have it all down on paper now kick starting the doing ! Lol x


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