What I have been up to this week.


My Dyson packed up on Saturday, well actually it sparked went bang and filled the house with a burning plastic smell, it was over 5 years old, no longer under guarantee….bugger! so new hoover ordered, I didn’t have over £200 to spend on a hoover so I got the Zanussi Pet upright for £99, I sweep and hoover everyday as I have a dog and the dog hairs get everywhere, I have a little electric broom (like the old-fashioned carpet sweeper) that I got for the caravan which is handy for crumbs but not powerful enough to get dog hair out of the stair carpet.

I have also ordered a steam mop, I have always resisted buying a steam mop ,I have always had the sponge mop or the fabric type ones,even though I wash them out they do hold dirt and eventually get a bit whiffy and end up in the bin ,I am waiting for it to arrive so I can throw my string mop away, the steam mop was 49.99 so it had better be good, I have tiles in the kitchen,laminate in the lounge,carpet on the stairs,cushion floor in the bathroom and laminate (well there will be soon) in the bedrooms ( along with some fluffy rugs). When the dog comes in from the rain you can see foot prints all over the laminate in the lounge and it drives me mad, if you don’t wipe them up you get dull marks on the floor.

Monday I was at school early to sell tickets to the parent’s for the PFA Spooky disco we have at the end of term.

Tuesday I was making Birthday cards and wrapping presents, My Sister is 50 on the 16th and our Grandson Callum is 9 on Sunday.

Wednesday I was back at the school gates and 8.45am selling tickets and it was freezing ! Came back from school and did some housework and washing,I went to my Slimming World Group in the evening and had a 2 and 1/2 lb loss which I was thrilled with.

Thursday back at school again selling tickets, bitter cold, I went back home and after 2 cups of coffee to warm me up I did some housework and wrote my meal plan for the week and then my shopping list, If I do not plan a ahead it is a recipe for disaster.

Today Friday I went to a Friends of Broadmeadow Special school meeting as I joined the fundraising committee ( I am on 3 now and love it ) alongside my friend whose Daughter has Downs syndrome, the school is a small one there are about 40 pupils, small classes and lots of staff who are wonderful. We were brainstorming fundraising ideas and discussing future events . After the meeting Karen and I went into town for lunch,when I got home I went to do the food shop with John.Early night as I am shattered, John always falls asleep on the sofa, he is up most mornings at 4am or before for work.

Plans for Saturday pop to Curry’s for printer ink,have a good look in TK Maxx,I love that shop,come home and cook. I am cooking a Slimming World friendly chinese stir fry and sweet and sour chicken with rice. John love the X-Factor so I will sit through that and maybe watch a late film we have quite a few DVD’s we haven’t had chance to watch yet.

Sunday After cleaning and cooking lunch we will visit my parents, my Dad had a biopsy on Thursday he is waiting for the results. He seems in good spirits, he is a positive person and even though he is understandably nervous you wouldn’t know it. Keeping everything crossed.

Nothing super exciting but that is my week.

x Dawn







2 thoughts on “What I have been up to this week.

  1. Loved catching up with your week. I may have to copy the idea and post my own, as I have been spending time on everything except blogging lately it seems.


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