Very early and wide awake!


I have not been feeling too well for that last few days and have a terrible cold, couldn’t sleep and when I did manage to drop off my cough woke me up. John had to leave the house at 4.30 as he is a driver and he had a load booked in early in Liverpool, he is always up around 3.30 so I am used to him pottering around and some mornings I don’t even hear him. This morning just after 4am I decided to get up and have a coffee with him before work, he grabs his work bag and goes out of the door, comes rushing back in “ring the fire brigade the yard is on fire” we live opposite a small yard that is broken down into three parts, one is the scrap yard itself, the other is a place where they make farm gates and the other bit is a mechanics workshop, the bit where the scrap cars are was on fire and the trees were in flames too, the smoke was terrible and burning leaves flying everywhere. I rang them and within 5 minutes they were putting the fire out, this has been going on for years if it isn’t the fire brigade it is the police as kids get in there all of the time. Thank goodness it is going and the land is being used to build houses, we have waited 20 years for this! the value of our houses will go up and it will be a much nicer street. We had a letter yesterday to inform us that the plans were passed for 36 houses with garages and it is all systems go, I can’t wait to see the yard gone as it is such an eyesore.

My Dad has a biopsy today to test for prostate cancer, I am trying to stay positive, he is quite nervous as it is done while he is awake, they just freeze the area before removing cells for testing, he will be on anti biotics and will be sore for a while, he is 75 and very healthy for his age he rides his bike although not so much since he was knocked off it and left unconscious a few years ago. I am keeping everything crossed that the test comes back negative.

Despite feeling under the weather I am selling tickets to the parents today at school for the PFA spooky disco, so I will be there at 8.45, we have done really well over the last few months we have funded the prom and got the leavers gifts, we have purchased a new football strip for the school team, we have donated £500 to the sports coaches for equipment and have just given each key stage year £500 to buy equipment, we have a spooky disco, fashion show, Christmas bingo and Christmas fair coming up and all the money will go to the children’s Christmas Breakfast with Santa, we buy all the classes breakfast and Santa delivers each child a gift brough from money raised by the PFA, we have also paid for the coaches to take some of the children to the theatre. Considering there are just 10 of us we don’t dp too badly. I am proud to be part of it and we do it for the Children.

My Sister will be 50 on the 16th of this month, she was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 40, she found a small  pea shaped lump and when she had her mammogram they found a tumor deep inside her breast which she would never have found herself, the doctor told her if she hadn’t gone for the mammogram she would not live to see her 50th, 10 years on and after aggressive chemo and radio therapy she has just been signed off ,she was so brave through her ordeal that took a year out of her life but saved her life in the process. she has been part of medical and genetic testing and the females in our family on the paternal side are more likely to carry the breast cancer gene so we have to be checked more often, we lost 2 Aunts to breast cancer. I urge everyone to check themselves and if they notice any changes go to your GP right away.

I am at Slimming World weigh in tonight, I am not putting any pressure on myself this time around and any loss will be great, not sure as I have been unwell.

I wrote this draft early this morning, since then I have been to school to sell tickets, made my Sister a Birthday card and wrapped her present and made some mini quiche’s in a muffin tin they are free on my Slimming World plan. My Dad rang to say he is back from hospital a little sore , now he just has to wait for the results he said they sounded quite positive so he is a bit more relaxed about it now. I suppose I had better get the hoover out before I get distracted and then maybe a little nap before cooking for tonight, well I have been awake half the night .

x Dawn


4 thoughts on “Very early and wide awake!

  1. I have to say I’m really pleased for you as well about the new houses – it’s not exactly ideal starting the morning with a fire in the yard opposite.

    And fantastic effort on the school fund raising. We have a group of volunteers at our school who really work hard to achieve something similar. Don’t know what we would do without them.

    All the best to your dad.


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