Cheesy Christmas jumpers


I was looking online for some pictures of Christmas jumpers and Googled “cheesy Christmas jumpers” and I found a UK company of the same name, so here are 6 of the jumpers they have on sale.

light up jumper

A unisex LED light up jumper £49.99 the link to see this in all its glory is at the bottom of my post.


Red multi reindeer image unisex jumper £39.99


Winter Wonderland unisex jumper £39.99


Sparkle Santa sweatshirt, unisex £19.99


They call this one The Boxing Day Mash UP unisex jumper £39.99

The final jumper is my favourite


Holidays are coming unisex jumper £39.99. I love this one as as the name suggests it is a take on the famous Christmas advert.

I hope you liked the Cheesy Christmas jumers, not too cheesy I think you will agree but love the company name.

If you want to see the first jumper in the post in all it’s glory (lit up) then visit

I love the idea of a family Christmas jumper and wished I had done it when my kids were too little to complain about wearing it!

x Dawn



One thought on “Cheesy Christmas jumpers

  1. samantha roberts

    WOW These are fab. My mother in law watched on This Morning when they had all the christmas jumpers and mentioned that she’d like one so I think I may just need to buy her one this year 🙂


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